Women Can Never Be 'Too Busy' to Vote!

Did you know ONLY 46% of women voted in the 2010 election*? WE CAN DO BETTER!

That’s why we’re on a mission between now and Election Day to get MORE women to GO VOTE in ALL 50 states! Join our grassroots, women-to-women effort RIGHT NOW! All it takes is talking to your friends… and we know you do that every day!


We are always non-partisan, totally non-profit and ALL volunteers! We’re never partisan, but we’re always passionate about women voting! NeverTooBusyToVote.com started when multi-tasking woman Kyle Young heard how many women are NOT REGISTERED (33%) and how many DON’T VOTE (54%) It hit a nerve and she decided to DO something!

Meet Kyle and the ‘MOMs’ – the Mothers of the Movement!

WANT TO DO MORE? Become a POM (Partner of the Movement!) 

If you have a ‘tribe’, a group of followers, or just fabulous network of friends, WE NEED YOU as a POM! Email us and we’ll give you everything you need to get you started!  (And, by the way, we have a few special benefits to say ‘thank you/)

WOMEN WORKING TOGETHER MAKE things happen! See how you can join us in this grassroots effort TODAY!


* Source U.S. Census 2010 www.census.gov