An Election Day reflection on reality…

This post will probably not be what you expect, but it woke me up at 4:30 this morning. After months and months of pressing to get more women to GO VOTE! … and declaring that we as American women are NeverTooBusyToVote, my waking thoughts were not of polling places or candidates’ final campaigning, but of the women in their lives… their wives.

Whichever man has your support, I’m pretty sure you’ll agree that they are each very lucky to have their wives standing with them, working on their campaigns, keeping ‘home’ in place. Well, that’s just what we women do, right. But these two women? I’d say they’re both way over and above fulfilling their  ‘for better or worse’ vows, wouldn’t you?

What, I wondered with great empathy, must be going through Michelle Obama’s mind as she stood with her husband on that Ohio stage last night. If another term is won, I imagine life will continue pretty much the same as it has been these last four years. Calling the White House home. Two growing up girls in their same schools. Friends in place. Teams. Activities. A loving grandmother as part of the family. All the things we moms and dads want to provide for stability and a ‘normal’ life… well, as normal a life as the White House can offer a family.

But a re-election loss? How do you prepare for THAT possibility with your family? If you’re Michelle Obama, do you stand ready to pull your kids out of their schools and away from their friends mid year and move back to your home in Chicago? Do you decide it’s better to rent a house and stay till the end of the school year before moving? Or do you keep making Washington your home till your oldest graduates from high school? I know, right? There can’t be an easy answer.

And then, of course, there’s Ann Romney. With grown sons and their families – lots and lots of great grandkids –  her issues are different but give equal concern. How tired she must be from all the non-stop campaigning while still trying to maintain her health in the face of MS. Trooping on, despite her press-reported exhaustion and need for rest.

I have non-partisan empathy for both of these women, along with undying admiration for their dedication to their families, their marriages and their partnerships … as well as their willingness to serve our country. I guess that’s what woke me up at 4:30 this morning with a need to share these thoughts. I just hope that both of them will soon be able to sleep well, long and soundly, however the country votes.

Spouses, I salute you!

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  1. elaineqq says:

    kyle, these are great thoughts and so true. i had not thought of the obama girls and the impact on their lives if a second term is not won. well done!