Are you educated enough to VOTE?

Those of you who know and follow me, will also know that I always try to be very respectful of you as my friends, readers and followers. Well, that hasn’t changed, and I promise, it never will.

What is changing, though, is how I’m raising my voice in speaking out in our political process. My mother taught all of us as kids, “If you don’t exercise your right vote, you don’t have any right to complain!” And for years, I have faithfully showed up at every primary, run-off, and general election in which I can vote. I honestly don’t remember a single time I have NOT voted!

But I have decided that is no longer enough!!! Yes, it’s important to vote. But I now know that my responsibility starts LONG BEFORE I stand in the privacy of the voter booth. It begins as soon candidates announce and qualify to run! It is my duty and responsibility to educate myself on WHO is running, and WHAT positions they take on the issues, and THEN to get out and work, Work, WORK for the candidate I’ve chosen!

Making phone calls, donate, fundraise, put a sign in my yard… you name it! EVERY ACTION COUNTS!

Do YOU know who will get your vote in November? If you haven’t started to make that decision… I urge you to take the first step! In just two short months, we will be choosing who will lead us into the future.

Time to get going!

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