I’m speaking up and SPEAKING OUT!

While I’ve always been a Voter, I haven’t always been vocal about who I’m voting for. I believe it’s a personal, private decision that each of us has to make for ourselves. But what I’ve also come to realize is, that by staying silent and only ‘speaking’ when I go vote, I am only doing part of my job!

I’ve always said “I’ll never tell you who to vote for” but now I’m finding that it’s equally important to add “but I’m happy to tell you who I’m voting for and why!”

That’s pretty radical for me.. speaking my private decision out loud, sharing my candidate of choice. Yes, it’s risky, especially when we’ve all been told money, sex and politics are the three most difficult things to talk about. But I’m no longer willing to sit by silently when I feel that there is so much animosity leading to inaction in our political leaders today. I’m more than willing to discuss our political choices in a civil conversation that allows each of us to speak and listen with respect.

“Are you nuts?” I hear you saying. When I tell folks who I’m backing, do I have people telling me they think I’m ‘wrong’ or trying to argue me out of my position? Of course, because some people are only interested in converting you to their ‘side’. But I’m pretty unflappable. I don’t expect everyone to agree with me, nor do I try to ‘convert’ them to my way of thinking. I just share why I’m backing my candidate, and I expect you’ll do the same.

I think it’s time for real conversation so that real progress can be made, don’t you? Maybe if we can talk, so can those we elect to ‘lead’ us!

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