Who We Are

“When I heard that LESS THAN HALF the women in the US voted in 2010, it really woke me up! I’m just one woman but I decided to do everything I could to spread the word and get MORE WOMEN VOTING! Just by talking to our friends and communities, we can make a huge difference! When I told my friends what I was doing, they jumped in with me and started to help. I call them the ‘Mothers of the Movement!’ COME JOIN US!”




It takes more than one woman to create a movement. Here are the women behind NeverTooBusyToVote.com making it all happen.

At NEVER TOO BUSY TO VOTE, we are always politically active! 
While we each support our own candidates, our site is non-partisan, non-profit and all volunteer!  To add your voice to our efforts, click here. You’ll find everything you need to spread the word!